Gpixel.orG is about high-resolution images: well, sometimes it's frustrating not to be able to easily zoom-in to a particular detail of a large online picture. I solved this issue with OpenSeadragon (open-source JavaScript web-based viewer). Please understand that photography has thought & essence and it's certainly not about the number of pixels, it's rather the vision of the person behind the camera no matter the technique and gear. This may seem contradictory with the purpose of this website but I feel sometimes that "the forest hides the tree" and, why not have both in the same image? That's my drive here. The panoramas presented here range from 43 Mpixels to 1.2 Gpixels and they are also posted at flickr.
Should you want a large panoramic photo from your rooftop (Portugal only) or, order a print from any of my stuff or, my help for your dream panorama or, just make a awful comment please email to

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